I Didn't See It

I Didn't See It

Football, the beautiful game. But not all the time… Husna Chhoangalia’s podcast “I Didn’t See It” explores the different social issues that do not get enough coverage in traditional football media.

Working with Husna, I built a bold, dynamic visual language to help her to market the podcast as well as visually represent the complex narratives.

The visual language is primarily built up of patterns from classic kits that camouflage and abstract the podcasts typographic messages – encapsulating footballs tendency to ‘not see’. Each episode has a specific pattern, while the colour changes to be relevant to the main theme.

The icons are for more literal communication. For example, in the logo, which depicts a football pitch with an eye and two microphones.

The result is a playful visual language that will attract new listeners while communicating important topics clearly.